Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Melbourne Cup Pretties

Sarah Kelly of Canberra, in GREY, wins the Cup final of Myer Fashions on the Field...and doesn't she look lovely? Timeless, classy, elegant.

Great outfit designed by Cue.

Some nice little chapeaux

And another pretty one. Natalie Sadie of Essendon in a David Medwyn outfit. Nice colour combination.

Photos from Melbourne's Herald Sun


  1. These are much better than the "pink dress", that should be destroyed, if it too. -Teresa

  2. Oh yeah Teresa...these are much better than the pink "creation". Fun post though.

  3. Hi MG, back online after a few lost days with computer hiccups! (It's amazing how much I miss my blogging companions as I've come to regard you all.) But down to serious business....a strange Cup day to say the least...watched it from the comfort of my horses backed, no sweeps...(a bit like the AFL GF really with no particular loyalties)....then would you believe, just as the horses were about to cross the finish line, the doorbell rings....a visitor no less,(with no horse affiliations obviously) that put paid to my lazy afternoon....but at least he got my computer working again !!!! (The man of the house is very relieved as no data was lost) Have enjoyed catching up with all the posts, still more reading to do x

  4. Welcome back White Dove, I was wondering where you'd got to...have a restful day today

  5. Love both the outfits, have to agree though the grey one looks so classy!

  6. Loved her outfit when I saw it on TV and in the paper. Simply stunning

  7. Class all the way Alison. Really loved it

  8. A deserved winner. Lovely, charming and classy. It seems like only yesterday that Sarah came to us asking if we could give her Cue dress more body. The dress was placed into a solution of soluble starch for about 5 minutes, then lightly extracted and air dried. A Teflon covered hot iron was then used to activate the starch. Well done Sarah Kelly from all the Management and staff at Top Cat dry cleaners in Canberra.


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