Thursday, July 26, 2012


It's been a bit cold here some mornings... and nights

So cold that the dogs have had trouble getting a drink

Nothing like Winter in Melbourne. Usually the icy, clear mornings are followed by a glorious sunny day. Then it gets cold and frosty again


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bad blogger1

Yes, I am a bad blogger!

Sorry for my absence for the past few weeks. No excuse really. It's cold here and I've had a couple of days work, but I just haven't been inspired to talk about anything in particular.

Do you get like that? Do you find that you just don't know what to talk/blog about?

I'm sure it will pass and something will grab me and inspire me.

I've still got some painting to do to finish off the study and the back hallway, but it's too cold to paint at the moment.  Yes, lots to do but I'm more interested in keeping warm than renovating.

I can't believe i just typed that last sentence!!!

I plan to do some tidying up know, vacuum and wash floors...and then drag out the sewing machine to get something happening.

Let's see if that will spur me on...

Maybe it's the weather...maybe it's just me. Is it just me or do you lack inspiration at this time of year too?