Monday, June 27, 2011

It is 2011 isn't it?

...we haven't gone back to the good ol' days when we mere females needed the permission of our husbands or fathers to make decisions have we?

I ask because I had a rather interesting and amusing thing happen to me this morning that made me think we had.

To explain:

MONT and I are thinking of getting one of those clear PVC blinds on the side of our back deck to minimise the wind and give us a bit of protection against the I rang a company on their 1300 number to organise someone to come out and give me a quote.

After the consultant had been rather nice to me on the phone and got most of my details, she then asked if I was married and what my husband's name was

The following conversation went something like this:

Why do you need my husband's name seeing he won't be here?

We like to meet with both the husband and wife for the consultation and can arrange to be at your home in the evenings or even the weekends. We find it works better that way

No, that's OK...I'm quite capable of looking over and deciding on a quote seeing I'm the one who'll be paying for it so it'll just be me

Yes, I understand, but we like to have both people there for the 45 minute consultation.

45 minute consultation? I just want a measure and quote for one side of the back deck of the house and if it's going to take 45 minutes for the salesman to measure the height and width of the wall, then maybe I could measure it myself and you could give me an estimate over the phone.

Now, there's no need to get defensive, we just like to meet with both people and can arrange to be there when you're both home

(now this is the point where I realised that whoever turned up on Wednesday at 3pm wasn't just going to be here to give me a He was going to try to not leave here without a signature)

I don't need my husband here to help me make a decision. I've never needed my husband with me when I've purchased a house or a car, so I'm sure I'm quite capable of choosing and paying for a Cafe blind.

We can be there on Saturday or even Sunday if that suits you both better, we don't mind at all and it does work better that way.

(She was persistent, I'll give her that)

No, Wednesday afternoon suits me better

(This is when she gave in and realised I wasn't going to budge, so we arranged for someone to come out at 3pm...she didn't even say goodbye, just "have a nice day" and hung up)

I had this conversation at work and my colleague couldn't believe what he was hearing!

I've heard of this sort of selling shtick before, but thought the old "get them together to play one off against the other and pressure them into signing on the dotted line" was well and truly in the past. Obviously not.

I've got someone else coming to give me a quote on Wednesday as well. It should be interesting to compare the different selling styles.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Number 10 Visitor of the feathered variety

Look at this little guy

He flew in yesterday and stayed around for a little while

Something must've tickled his fancy because he couldn't stop laughing

Sunday, June 12, 2011

More Winter Food....

Winter's a time to stay indoors and tuck into some warming casseroles and stews...and that's mostly what's been on the menu at Number 10 these past couple of weeks.

If you like rich, tasty dishes then this is the one for you.

Oh...and it's really darn simple too.

It's a lamb, walnut and pineapple casserole and it's delicious and no, not too sweet, despite the use of pineapple juice.

If you'd like the recipe it's over here

Friday, June 10, 2011


I'm so glad to announce I have finally chosen the winners of the gorgeous Cavania card sets..

Congratulations Tracey from Romi and Bob....and Sarah from Molly's Maison.

If you email me your details I'll get the cards in the post for you.

I know you're going to love them because they really are beautiful!

Thanks again to Karen from Cavania for giving me these beautiful cards to giveaway.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Resident at Number 10

I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our menagerie here at Number 10

MONT's elderly Mum and Dad have had to leave their home and go into their pets have come to live the high life with us

As you can see, we're trying to toughen him up a bit.

Yep...this boy is doing it tough...

Being part of the tribe at Number 10 is no life on easy street.  Just look at these two "living rough".  It's tough I tell you. Tough !

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pizza ...and giveaway reminder

If you like pizza I've just posted a great recipe for a pizza dough over here

It's easy and delicious... great for Friday night dinner in front of the TV.

....and don't forget my Cavania's still on and well worth entering because the cards are simply gorgeous!

Just lovely!