Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pale and hopefully, interesting

So the Number 10 Christmas tree is again non-traditional. Just a few sticks thrown together

MONT had a trip to Kinglake last week and brought me home some lovely branches..

I started with this to make sure it was going to "work"

Then took to it with a couple of cans of spray paint...white undercoat to be exact.

I didn't want it to be saturated with the white paint, I wanted more of a white-washed look

...and I think I achieved that

The decorations are all neutral too....just a slight hint of pale pink on a couple

...and plenty of crystals and baubles...

Then I added a couple of lights...not too many, but maybe it needs a few more

Almost there...

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Limoncello time again

Bottles? - check

Vodka? - check

Sugar syrup? - check

Lemons? - check, check, check!!

...and you'll need about 6 weeks and some patience to transform these little beauties, 

Into these...

Which eventually become this.

Take my word for's a mighty tasty drop