Friday, May 31, 2013 gets in the way of blogging

...and that's OK

We've all had occasions when we have trouble thinking about something to "blog" about or we just lose track of time...that's been me these past few weeks.

I've been busy doing a few bits and pieces around here at Number 10. The sewing room is now full to the brim of my stuff....and I've also been doing a bit of furniture restoration, if you can call it that

It's a bed head I bought on eBay a while back for just a few dollars with the plan to paint it and, hopefully, use it in our bedroom for a bit of a change

I think it'll be OK, but if not, I'll sell it.

I had considered getting MONT to cut off those tall end bits with the large "balls" on top but I'll wait to see how it looks. What do you think?

Also.....April asked me a while back how the new sewing room was going?

In a word...messy

Everything's been put in there all ready for me to get to work, but until last weekend it was a total mess and very crowded with all of our camping stuff stored in there because we sold our old caravan.

I spent last weekend sorting it out. I already had the IKEA Expedit shelving units as well as the baskets and the "stash" of fabric and wool

...and yes, the old treadmill is also in there, albeit temporarily. That's the black thing you can see in the left hand corner of the photo
MONT is going to make a frame for the little stained glass window and we plan to hang it in the window to catch the light...just for something different

This table is one we used it as our cooking and washing up table when we went camping at the beach each year, but now that we've sold the old caravan and annexe we've got all our "holiday" stuff lying around, so I thought I'd put it to some use

So...that's what I've been up to these past few weeks...not to mention working each day and just getting on with know how it goes.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Before and After...

We've gone from this

To this...

and this... this, in just a few short days

It's amazing just how bare everything looks

Sunday, May 12, 2013

All the leaves are brown...and the sky is grey...

Maybe not as grey and bleak as the songs lyrics suggest, at least not here in Melbourne

It's been unseasonably mild in Melbourne in April and May. Sure we've had some cool days, but this past week has been magnificent!

Blue skies, gentle breezes...temperatures in the mid 20's...gorgeous!

It hasn't fooled the trees though. Or the ornamental grapevine on our side fence.

Not so much brown as red and bronze...

It turns on this show each year and it's wonderful to watch