Friday, August 15, 2014


We've come a long way, although these photos may not necessarily indicate that

Last week we disconnected the sink and moved the fridge out, then got rid of the last remaining bench and got the plumber in to move the pipes to the new sink location

The builder and MONT then started removing the last of the old plaster board so the plasterer could come in and work his magic in preparation for the painter....who arrived on Wednesday

And this is what it looks like today.

It's had an undercoat and first top coat. The section where the ceiling meets the walls hasn't been done yet as there's going to be cupboards and cornice covering all of that.

The final coat of paint will be applied once all the cupboards are in.

What you can't see is the chaos that is in the lounge and dining room....but  a couple of temporary shelves and plastic containers will sort it out. That's what I'll be doing this weekend - culling and sorting.

Fun and games at Number 10