Monday, April 11, 2016

Painting and restoring

I've been keeping myself busy getting a few things done around the house.

The mirror and the decorative side panels from that old wardrobe have been sanded back and given a few coats of Danish oil...and I have to say they look and feel fabulous. More on them later.

I've also spent some time painting an old hall table

It's been handed down and around a number of times, ending up with me about ten years ago.

.I don't know what it was coated in but it was all flaky and awful and  had a terrible smell when it got wet. So it was time for a spruce-up

First, a really good sand and then a coat of tinted undercoat

Then the first top coat 

The sheen on it is lovely, considering I used ordinary low sheen wall paint. It's the same paint/colour I used on an old chest of drawers and my pine filing cabinet.

Once the paint is cured I'll put the new handles on

I got a bit carried away and even gave my kitchen stool the once over

Although to be honest, it needs another coat.