Thursday, September 15, 2016


I've been on a baking frenzy these past couple of weeks. Cup cakes, orange loaves, bread....and now, I've made soap.

It's the first time I've ever made soap and it was surprisingly easy. 

Much easier and quicker than I thought it would be.

It is a very basic recipe with just four ingredients: water, caustic soda, olive oil and copha. Yep copha

It's from the Mr Home Maker Blog, which I've been reading for a little while now.

The recipe and instructions are here. He can explain the process far better than I. The trick is to get the measurements/proportions right otherwise it just won't work 

These babies are currently drying out in the spare room....

All I can say is it looks like it's going to work out fine

I just have to wait a minimum of six weeks for them to completely dry out. Should be interesting