Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shabby Dresser

Image-Country Living

I've been known to tweak my furniture over the years...a change of knob or handle here...a change of surface colour there.

This dresser reminds me of a cabinet I bought years ago from a second hand dealer in Geelong. I used it for the TV, very small TV at the time, my stereo and video player etc...and at one stage just left it sitting in a corner housing all my vases.

It had once been used as a child's small wardrobe and even had a rod put across the top so small hangars could be placed in there.

Then a year or so ago, we removed the rod, put a couple of extra shelves in it and painted it off white. And it's really come into it's own and looks sensational! It has a touch of the "shabby chic's" about it, just like the dresser pictured here, and currently works as our TV cabinet

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