Thursday, April 8, 2010

24/7 Fashion

It's funny when you make a dress that can take you from one day to the next and still not look out of place.

Yes, it's the frock/nightie

That's why I had to find a "trim" to put around the neck to make it look more daywear than nightwear. I just need to sew it on this afternoon to finish it off.

It's the same dress pattern as the silvery linen one I showed you yesterday. It's Vogue 8655 which I think is still only available to purchase via the McCall website. We're a season or two behind here you see. Well worth a visit though, especially when they have a sale on and you can pick up a Vogue for a couple of dollars.

Anyway, the fabric was from my very own stash in the cupboard. I don't know how long it's been sitting in there waiting to be used but I'm glad I was able to find it.

The trim is from "Jimmy Buttons" in George Street Fitzroy. It's a fabulous treasure trove where you'll find all the buttons and trims you could ever imagine...

More on Jimmy Buttons another time though. It's such a great place with very helpful owners/staff, that it really deserves it's own special post. I'll have to ask them if they'll let me take a few photos to show you just how wonderful it is...oh and did I mention it's also pretty darn CHEAP? Be still my heart


  1. Hi Lesley...I'm in Melbourne (still) and my daughter loves the sound of Jimmy Buttons....more on this please. By the way the dress looks great !

  2. Thanks's also extremely comfy!

    White Dove, Jimmy Buttons is a revelation! Sounds OTT I know, but it truly is worth a visit. It's just around the corner from Johnson St.

  3. Lesley I love this version of the pattern, the fabric is gorgeous and that trim is divine!! You are so clever, I can't sew anything that isn't a straight line! Beautiful job on this top!! ~ Tina xx

  4. Looks great love the daisy chain, I must dust of some patterns I bought and have a go.


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