Monday, April 12, 2010

Jimmy Buttons

Hi all.....well after telling you about my "Frightie" the other day, you know the frock that takes you from day to night and beyond...I got a couple of emails and a comment wanting to know more about the place where I bought the trim to go on it.

It's Jimmy Buttons and it's a fantastic treasure trove for sewers.

I called in there again today to pick up a couple of things because I'd had no luck at another large, well known fabric store....and yes they had exactly what I was after.

I asked if I could take a few photo's to show you how it's all set out, but unfortunately they said no, only because they have fierce competitors who also want to know what they have hidden inside.

So....if you're a sewer I suggest you do yourself a favour and head down to Jimmy Buttons at 375 George Street Fitzroy and check out their laces, braids, chains, ribbons, elastics, buttons and everything else hidden inside....oh and they do professional covered buttons as well!

I promise you will not be disappointed.

375 George Street is just around the corner from Johnson Street. It's a little, nondescript brick building that contains all that your heart desires...and they're reasonably priced too.


  1. How wonderful, it sounds like a gorgeous shop. What a shame I am not in Melbourne anymore (got home yesterday)! Your sewing is so impressive. I love your little frocks. xx

  2. Thanks for the info Lesley....Jan has put it in her craft book for future visits !

  3. Ooh I can't wait until next time I head towards the city. Jimmy Buttons here I come

  4. I wondered if that shop was still in operation , so googled and came to your page, You had a great find and thanks I will go to Jimmy's when next in Melbourne.


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