Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another giveaway - in white

I mentioned a little while ago that I'd have a lovely giveaway from an Australian company that specialises in absolutely gorgeous things...

Now you all know how much I love white, so this giveaway gives me a lot of pleasure.

The name of the company is:  Whiteport...and you guessed it. It specialises in everything white!

Jennifer emailed me while we were still on holidays to make a very generous offer of a lovely item from her beautiful store for my Aussie readers.

So here we go...three beautiful pure cotton t-towels in perfect white!

Apart from kitchen items, Jennifer also has quilts and sheet sets.

Glorious furniture, like this linen armchair.

 This lovely little linen shopping bag

...and monogrammed pillow slips. These are really gorgeous!

So....all you have to do to go in the draw for these is: become a follower of Life at Number 10, check out Whiteport, subscribe to the site and leave me a comment to tell me what other items take your fancy.

Don't worry, subscribing to Whiteport doesn't cost a thing. It just means they'll send you an email every now and then to let you know about the new items they have on offer.

Get to it... it's lovely looking at all the beautiful things in there...

My other giveaway for the CSN Stores voucher is still up for grabs too....I'll draw that next Monday. Keep the comments coming


  1. I just love the Cape Cod collection......I subscribed to Whiteport without hesitation now I'm back off over there to take a closer look at their gorgeous wares.

  2. Thanks for offering such a wonderful giveaway. i love Whiteport and becming a subscriber is easy. Thanks Kym

  3. Subscribed! They have some beautiful things.

    I am very tempted by this:

  4. Following, subscribing and loving the Sagamore placemats at Whiteport

  5. I subscribed to Whiteport yonks ago Lesley & they are fab. Have purchased on-line as well & their delivery & service were tops. I've had my eye on one of their white Butler's tables for a while now, will have to make sure I work extra hard for this Qrts. bonus at work.
    Millie x

  6. So many gorgeous things at Whiteport; thanks for the intro. I liked the Butler's Trays too! :)


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