Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Searching searching....

OK, I've been hunting something out for ages and now concede I need your help

A little while ago, maybe a couple of months, I was checking out how an extremely talented person was painting an old brown basket in a greyish colour, like the Ikea Boholma baskets below

They had a browny tan basket, sort of this colour

...and they painted it to look like this

I thought I saved all the info...but I didn't.

Anyone with any idea who that person/blog may be?


  1. No idea who it was, but when you find it, let me know, I am thinking that basket would make an awesome toy box

  2. I can't help, sorry...but I love both those Boholma baskets! I wish I had a space for them in my place!

  3. Hi I think it might have been Gail Mc Cormack she did a picnic basket makeover. Just looked on her blog and it is on her 5th February post


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