Sunday, October 21, 2012

A little holiday

MONT and I have just arrived home from a little vacation in Thailand.

It was planned some time ago and by the time it rolled around we really needed it, especially MONT who's been run off his feet these past couple of months.

I love traveling but I have to admit, it's the waiting around that can drive me absolutely bonkers.

The 9 hour flight is manageable...but it's the 3 and four hour stop overs doing absolutely nothing, that are so frustrating

We did have a wonderful time though....

Saw quite a few of these critters...

Cute baby huh? He was just 5 years old...

...and the view from our room was amazing!

If you look into the distance between the palm trees, you can see a white structure.. just beyond that is the beach. It was so beautiful! Such a wonderful place.

We would definitely go to this place in Phuket again. Five stars from us.

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  1. Lucky you! What a marvellous view and I'm so jealous you got so close to those gorgeous elephants! I adore those little guys :)


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