Sunday, May 12, 2013

All the leaves are brown...and the sky is grey...

Maybe not as grey and bleak as the songs lyrics suggest, at least not here in Melbourne

It's been unseasonably mild in Melbourne in April and May. Sure we've had some cool days, but this past week has been magnificent!

Blue skies, gentle breezes...temperatures in the mid 20's...gorgeous!

It hasn't fooled the trees though. Or the ornamental grapevine on our side fence.

Not so much brown as red and bronze...

It turns on this show each year and it's wonderful to watch


  1. You are right Melbourne has been quite mild but how quickly that change came in this arvo and now I think Winter will be setting in. I too have been admiring the beautiful changing of leaves around the neighbourhood. This grapevine colour is gorgeous and why Autumn is probably my favourite time of year at least until the weather turns! Gx

  2. Those ornamental grapes are just stunning this time of year. The lady over the road has one and I love the colour when it catches the light.

  3. I spent last week at our new beach house up a ladder painting - far too nice to be in the office! Wasn't it the most stunning weather! Not so great this week!!!

    Melissah from Country Style Chic

    1. It was a gorgeous week mild and sunny and my favourite time of year. Having said that, now it's just the opposite
      That reminds me...I've got some more painting to do... maybe this weekend

  4. I've raked up about a million leaves so far. Only a few million to go and plenty of time to admire their colour!

    1. Not wrong there KH...most of these beauties are now on the ground or in the bin...or have been used by some little kidlets, who shall remain nameless, to make goodness knows what...they sure loved jumping through the pile of the leaves on the ground the other day


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