Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Limoncello time again

Bottles? - check

Vodka? - check

Sugar syrup? - check

Lemons? - check, check, check!!

...and you'll need about 6 weeks and some patience to transform these little beauties, 

Into these...

Which eventually become this.

Take my word for it...it's a mighty tasty drop


  1. I think I might have to give this a go - it looks like the perfect Summer drink. Lisa xo

    1. Lisa, it really is worth the effort. I've got a dribble left over from last year and I have a few drops in a glass of champagne...really gives it a "zing"

  2. Hi Melbourne Girl, I made Limoncello for the first time to use up some of our bumper crop of lemons earlier this year. Mine is a much richer looking yellow than shop-bought Limoncello though. What about yours? Apart from a few 'tester' sips we have not cracked open a bottle yet. Now that the weather in Perth is warming up I think the time is nigh (will have to dilute mine with soda water though!)

    1. Kylie, mine comes out a bit pale, but the taste is amazing!! Absolutely delish!


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