Saturday, January 17, 2015

A long time coming

Welcome to my new kitchen...a peek of it anyway

To be honest, it was finished in November, but this is the first opportunity I've really had to put some photos together and show you what it now looks like

It's just a peek as most of the photos are on the home computer...

MONT and I are on our annual break at the beach and I have to say it's a VERY welcome holiday. Part of the, the main reason my blogging has been so slack this past year is because all I seem to have done is work....and this is the first break I've had since last January.

Yes, I'm exhausted.

This year - 2015 - is time for a reassessment of the work-life balance I think.

I'm always drawn to Ness Lockyer's wise words that...You only live beautifully!

My life has definitely not been beautiful this past year so it's time for a change

I want to spend more time cooking - yes that was neglected BIG TIME in 2014.

I want to spend more time doing things I really enjoy...and while I do enjoy the work I do, I don't want to do it every darn day!

Righto...well it's cold and windy and there's been some rain, but I don't really care because I'm on holidays!


  1. It looks wonderful, well done! Looking forward to seeing more photos of it when you get the chance. Enjoy the rest of your well-deserved holiday!

    1. Thanks Natalie. I'm having a really good break. I've even started having an afternoon Nanna nap. Bliss

  2. It looks great. I can certainly relate to what you are saying about work life balance and trying to improve it this year. 2014 was hard and I didn't get on the blog much at all. I also put in a new kitchen in August and still have shown no photos! Hope you have a great holiday and relax. G

    1. Georgy 2014 certainly was a shocker! I'm working on this year being much more "user friendly"



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