Friday, December 9, 2016

Getting ready for Christmas - Candles

Our family Christmas get together is just a few days away now - panicking much yet?

This year I got the idea of making a special candle feature for the table...and I wanted either brass, copper or black.

I went with black as soon as I saw these little candle holders at K-Mart. For $6 each

I bought four of them with the idea of having a very long feature in the centre of the table, but then realised the piece would have to be done in two
separate units to accommodate the outdoor umbrella we have that slots through a hole in the middle of the table.

Mont had some pieces of timber in the back yard, that would be perfect

He cleaned them up and then cut them in, how to attach the candle holders to the wood.

I suggested some little staples that I could spray black. 

He suggested cutting off the bottom cross-bar piece and then slotting the little legs into holes he drilled in the wood.
I wasn't sure because I was worried they would wobble and not be strong enough to hold the candles upright.

                                                             Now all that's left to do is give the wood a coat of dark grey stain, stick the little legs in their slots and see how they go

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