Thursday, June 3, 2010

This is a little embarrassing

Embarrassing Indeed!!!!

I planned to draw the name of the winner for my giveaway tomorrow (Friday) but so far have just ONE comment.

Now, I know the giveaway is only open to readers from Canada and the USA (unfortunately), but so far with just one comment, it's not looking good!

So, I'll extend the competition till next Monday and hopefully there'll be more comments forthcoming

One can only hope anyway.


  1. Lesley, I would've entered if I could've because I love a freebie!!

  2. I love freebies too. Comment, comment...does that give me two entries?

  3. Oh no looks like Gail might be it!!

  4. I would have entered too, but can't really justify the move to the US or Canada to the rest of the family...sorry Lesley. Hope you are having an otherwise lovely week my friend.~ Tina xx

  5. Hi all...thanks for your comments... it is unfortunate that the giveaway is only available to the US and Canada, darn it..but that's the way to cookie crumbles sometimes.

    Yes Gail you have two entries in so, if no-one else from your part of the world coments, it's all yours baby!

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  6. I hope you get more entrants Lesley!


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