Sunday, June 13, 2010

Number 10 Fireplace

So, just when I thought it was safe to say that the lounge room was (basically) finished, along comes our heating dilemma which means more dirt, more dust and more cleaning!

Do not adjust your computer settings. This haze has been caused by dust taking over Number 10! Again.

We think we've settled on the heater (gas log fire) we want, but it means MONT has had to remove a row of bricks on either side of the fireplace cavity to accommodate it. What was tricky though was making sure the lintel, holding up the chimney and all the brickwork, was extending far enough into the remaining side bricks so the entire fireplace didn't collapse.

That would not be good....although, come to think of it, it would mean we could have any size heater we, what am I saying!!! NOT GOOD AT ALL!

This little fireplace used to have an old briquette heater in it. Remember those?

When I bought Number 10 all those years ago, it was the only form of heating it had and I wasn't about to test it out, even though I moved in in the middle of Winter and only had an electric heater to help keep me warm...oh and two cats and two doonas!

Just how MONT wants to spend his Sunday mornings... demolishing the brickwork without demolishing the entire fireplace and getting covered in black sooty dust for good measure....

The remodelling continues .....


  1. Good luck! Hope the fireplace doesn't fall down!

    It will be lovely to have a nice gas log fire in there. :)

  2. Poor Mont! At least he looks like he knows what he's doing...Such a shame you couldn't find a suitable heater that could fit in the existing space.

  3. So lucky to have Mont. Just think what this would have cost had you employed a brickie...even if he did turn up ! (How cynical am I ?)

  4. Thanks all. It's a bugger isn't it...just when you thought it was just about all over, along comes this little job to do. Thank Goodness for MONT. He always comes to ther rescue.


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