Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spring is in the air...and a milestone

I love this time of year....just before Spring hits us with a massive burst of new life.

There's still a lot happening in the garden though.

The magnolia's out, or at least one tree is...

The beautifully perfumed pom-pom bush is also budding. CORRECTION: This is not a pom-pom bush, although that's what I usually call it. It's a Viburnum, a Viburnum x burkwoodii and it's perfume is delicious.

...and the lilacs are starting to show new life.

This dark magnolia, right outside our bedroom window always takes a little longer to get the message that it's time to start breaking out.

You have to walk past this to get to the front door. Lovely.

More life in the lilac

...and the violets have gone crazy with all the water they've been getting. In fact they look like they're going to take over some parts of the garden...such a rich green colour

On another note, this is my 200th post....who would've thought I'd get this far in just over a year!?

And they said it wouldn't last...ha


  1. Happy 200th post!! Such lovely flowers blooming away in your garden at the moment - I love magnolia. You must smile each time you see all your lovely garden getting ready for spring :) Hope you're having a lovely week x

  2. Hi Amanda...and thanks. It's a great time of year with everything just itching to bloom. Love it

  3. What gorgeous blooms in your garden! I love magnolias and only have one of the small star shaped ones. It will flower for the first time soon so that's exciting! Aren't violets so sweet?


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