Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pizza ...and giveaway reminder

If you like pizza I've just posted a great recipe for a pizza dough over here

It's easy and delicious... great for Friday night dinner in front of the TV.

....and don't forget my Cavania's still on and well worth entering because the cards are simply gorgeous!

Just lovely!


  1. Yum, who doesn't love pizza? I haven't made the bases in a while, so I might try your link. Yours look great :)

  2. Sarah, I have to say I really enjoyed last night's pizza. I've been making them for a couple of weeks now and last nights base was the best so far...funnily, it was the only time I didn't measure everything out and just went by "feel"

  3. Okay, you've just ignited a serious pizza craving. Yum! Home-made pizza's are popular here too.

  4. Sonia, this really is a great pizza, if I say so myself and I'm no pizza expert by any stretch!


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