Monday, November 21, 2011

I Love Lucy

I had a wonderful weekend. Sewing.  I got the machine out, put on a good CD and just went for it. I thought I'd get one of my vintage patterns sewn up...and went straight to the 1950's Lucy House Coat

It's a cross between a housecoat and dust jacket I guess.

I suppose it was even worn as a maternity jacket by Lucy herself.

I mentioned it back here... two years ago!!! Why did I wait so darn long?

My plan was to do a trial run with it first in a navy and white gingham...I try to make a sample first when I'm using a new pattern, just in case it  doesn't suit or is sized in such a way that it doesn't fit me. But having said that I always do this trial run in a fabric that I'm still happy to wear, just in case it turns out OK

...and it did!

The pattern came without instructions so I had to play around and try to remember what order each pattern piece went in, but I'm really happy with it. I'm also happy becayse it was marked a size 14, with a 32 inch bust? What's with that?

Anyway, the only thing I'd change is to make the sleeves a little longer, maybe an inch or also....and I'd also make them a little narrower.

Apart from that....success!!

Thanks Lucy.

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  1. It looks fantastic! The gingham is so groovy :)


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