Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like........

How's your Christmas shopping going? 


I've been saving my shoe leather and getting on-line to do a lot of my Christmas purchases.

Not everyone likes the on-line shopping experience but I have to admit I love it!

I have ventured out to check what's available...but I've done most of my gift buying on eBay and Etsy and so far so good. Don't get me wrong, G and I still wander and browse and get all touchy feely with some of the items in store...but when I'm not 100% sure what I'm looking for, sometimes it's just nice to surf to give you some ideas. There is a drawback with that method can find you've lost a couple of hours just sitting in front of the computer...anyway...

I've bought children's clothes, personalised Christmas decorations and a few toys on-line. Strangely, I've purchased books in-store this year.

One of the Chrissy decos I bought is from the same person I purchased some personalised ID tags a couple of years ago.

Tessa from HattieRex on Etsy has some lovely items that I'm sure everyone would love to receive.

These are like the tags I bought for "G" 2 years ago...

This year I've bought a couple of large discs that will have the names of each family member on them

Here's hoping everyone likes them

You can check out Tessa's Etsy shop here

Happy shopping everyone. Just remember, don't get too stressed about it all. It's just not worth it.


  1. I like to do a combination of both too. I discovered that Kmart deliver for $10 and for some of the kids gifts I figured it was definately worth it, much better than trying to lug a sand pit through the store. xx

  2. I love online shopping - but some things I like to see in person.

    btw - I added a new post with some picture books for 4-8 year olds if you are interested. x Melissa

  3. Any form of shopping would be wonderful! Have a gorgeous end of the week, Kellie xx


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