Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter coats

Winter may be a long way off down here in the Southern Hemisphere, but that doesn't stop me looking at coat patterns so I have something warm and comfortable for the football. In fact, this is probably the best time to be checking out what's on offer in the Northern Hemisphere.

I've been sticking to my Dottie Angel Challenge ethos and buying second hand items and some vintage patterns have been on my list.

I saw this on Etsy ages ago and decided to buy it in November. It arrived from the US the other day

It's a 1960's Vogue original.

I don't have to buy any fabric. I already have plenty to choose from in my "stash" so I have quite a few options to play around with.  I really like the blue version with some navy velvet on the collar as a contrast, but I also have some lovely camel wool in the cupboard and that may be what I lean towards

The back view has some nice detail and I really like the way the pocket is incorporated in a slot in the front...the little hat's not bad either, although I can't see myself wearing that too often

I wouldn't mind the little dog as well...

Very stylish


  1. This looks lovely - I'm always dying to try out some old vintage patterns my Mum has but never seem to find the time. This looks like a beautiful project though.

  2. We have begun Winter here and believe me all my coats are ready and waiting. Our first snow is supposed to be blowing in anytime tonight. Hopefully it'll be short lived.

    I've made my share of coats and they are a challenge, but I'm always glad I did it when I'm finished. Right now, I'm sewing curtains for my office and a fabric roll up shade for my windowed door.

    P.S. Sorry but you can't have the doggy in the picture, it's not real. :)


  3. Darn...I was hoping that little pooch could magically become real Teresa...oh well..that's the way the cookie crumbles.
    I look forward to seeing how your curtains turn out

    Anna, vintage patterns are lovely. The sizing's a little different than what I'm used to, but using vintage means you won't see anyone else in the same outfit. I can't wait to start on this little project in a few weeks.

  4. Looking forward to seeing the result of this pattern using fabric from your must put a pic up xo

    1. Thanks Lou Lou. I promise to do a "reveal" after it's finished. Won't be for a couple of months, but it will be done!


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