Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another year older, a new one just begun...and a challenge continues

So, I celebrated my birthday just before New Year chimed in and as always, I had a bit of a think about the year just gone and what the new year will bring

It's also at this time each year that I set up my new diary. I go through the previous years almanac, make sure I put down everyone's birthday. Note the little anniversaries that come up each year like when we got our dogs or when someone had a significant event...and about the people we lost.

Mont's Dad passed away last year. He was 97 and a lovely bloke. His Mum is still with us and, since going into care, has really blossomed. Thank Goodness!!

This is also the time of year I try to set myself a little challenge...I'm not really into "resolutions" but challenges? Yes.

It's almost a year since I set myself the challenge to not waste money on "stuff" and only spend on important, necessary things...and I think I achieved my goal...mostly.

The Dottie Angel Challenge, which I blogged about here  last January, was to see how much I could do "without" see if I could shop the closet and the cupboards, so to speak, and not rely on retail therapy.

The Challenge was started by Tiff at Dottie Angel in 2009 and is a great way to think about our over consumption of goods.

Now I have to admit I did buy myself a few things...but none were impulse buys and many are second hand or hand made.

One of those handmade items was a new pair of slippers. I got them from Inga on Etsy. Inga is from Lithuania and she felts the wool then molds it into these gorgeous slippers. I have to say they are beautiful and will last me right through the year.

Other items I purchased were some second hand sewing patterns and some new fabric...I also bought a new fry-pan, some new underwear and a few cook books. Most of the books were for gifts though

I haven't kept a tally on the dollars I've spent, but I know I have saved a lot this past year and my bank balance is looking (a little) healthier

Now bring on the 2012 Dottie Angel Challenge...

I'm in!!  


  1. I really like the concept of bit buying "stuff" for the heck of it. We were/are on the tightest budget imaginable and I have come to realize that you CAN do without a lot of stuff. Of course I would like to be able to get some new sheets for the bed, but that will come :) I was left some money from my lovely great aunt who passed a few months ago and I feel so incredibly extravagant thinking about the special things I could buy myself to remind me of her. It's so bizarre!
    Anyway, wishing you a great year ahead x

  2. You too Sarah, I hope the year brings you everything you wish for...

    Going without stuff is pretty easy. It's when I see a great bargain of an item I usually use and know I'll get a lot of use out of down the track that I find it hard not to open the purse and hear the cash register go ca-ching.


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