Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mood Lighting for the Garden

Some more ideas for garden lighting, which can be quite expensive but it doesn't need to be. There are some ways to get mood lighting in the garden that won't cost you much at all..

I usually put some tealight candles in little jars out there whenever we have people coming over...and MONT installed an "uplight" under a tree to make it look nice as well...

I guess whatever you do depends on the size of the garden, what effect you want to achieve and what you like yourself...

I've done a couple of things, apart from the tealights in jars...and one of the ideas came from Diane at In My Own Style. She made  this little beauty and I love it!!

Here's my version... made with an old light fitting that came out of our spare room

It's easy.... you can make it with twine or get some chain from your local hardware if you want a different look

Just tie the twine around the rim and add some pieces to hang it....or add the chain in the same way. You'll need some little jewelery pliers and connectors so you can hang it in the garden from a tree branch...

Then you can do this as well...with some of the other old fittings you have

They glow like night lights...I put a couple of battery operated tealights in them and they twinkle the night away...

So...if you see any old glass domes at the local op-shop or have some lying around the house, put them in the garden and give them a second life.


  1. Nice garden lighting tips...
    inexpensive but with beautiful effects.

    And I love the Goodbye Girl movie,
    I laugh and I cry when I watch that.

  2. Led lights use very little power and are cheap to buy. I use that in my garden.


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