Saturday, December 15, 2012


To say I've been late getting things organised for Christmas this year is a wild understatement.

Until today I didn't have any Christmas decorations up...or even a tree.

Now at least the mantle is done.

I made these little doily trees and I think they look pretty cute

As for the tree...or at least my pile of sticks....well....

It's got a few crystals on it at the moment, but that's about all.

Mont has to get up in the ceiling for me to retrieve the box of decorations

Then I'll put the wreath on the front door, tidy the back deck and we'll be ready to go for next Saturday night when the "FESTIVAL OF MEAT" really kicks in.

How have you gone with your Christmas shopping this year?

Have you been a little more careful than usual...or is it business as usual?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Kellie, they are cute aren't they....easy peasy too.

  2. It looks lovely! I am always disorganised, but it all turns out ok in the end. I don't do an extravagant Cheistmas though did treat myself to a bottle of Mumm that was on special. We keep our gift giving pretty limited as really, what's the point when you are all on tight budgets? I was joking to Lyn that I'd even be happy to reeive a vacuum cleaner this year as ours is so old and won't suck properly.

    1. Sarah, my intentions each Christmas are to be organised but unfortunately, I NEVER am!! ...and you're right, it doesn't really matter as it does all turn out OK

      MONT and i decided not to do pressies this year, but I have got him a couple of books...and yes, I completely understand about the vac. There's nothing worse than something not working as it should.

  3. Your mantle looks very pretty & the studio looks fantastic!

  4. I don't really do much for Christmas so you're doing way better than I am. Love those doily trees! :)


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