Monday, April 8, 2013

Demolition derby

Step 1.

Clear the way for the plumber by removing all bulky items

Step 2.

Clean the room so he has a nice area to work in (I hadn't really completed that step when I took the photo)

Step 3.

Make a bloody large hole in the wall to expose the pipes...

Step 4.

Keep your fingers crossed that we'll be able to get a small plaster off-cut to re-fill said hole.

Step 5.

Buy a bucket full of cornice cement and filler to plug all the holes and dents up, then sand and paint.

Step 6.

Wait for the new dryer to be delivered.

Actually this little project's turning out rather well. Our neighbour, who is a builder, has a few spare white marble tiles that he no longer needed, so he's given them to us for the splash-back. I already have all the white paint I need and we're using up some aluminium right angle brackets so the bench top can be put back and not be resting on any of the appliances.

Job (almost) done


  1. This is looking good - you should see out laundry - it's disgisting! I like the sound of those marble tiles. Did you see the Block? Josh and Jenna used a lot of marble and I couldn't believe how much it was!

  2. looking good.

    You can buy half sheets of plaster at Bunnings - we discovered this recently. We still had a bit left over, but not as much as we thought we would have.

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