Thursday, April 25, 2013


ANZAC Day ceremonies appear to be getting bigger and bigger as the years go by....and with good cause

I remember when I was a young girl in the Girl Guides, we always marched with the returned servicemen and women in our little suburban march from the local RSL Club, along the main street and to the park where there was a memorial. Just a hundred or so people, not very many at all. in fact in the 70's and 80's they were battling to get people to take part in the march

Back in 1919, when this photograph was taken in St.Kilda Road Melbourne, you have to wonder what everyone thought of what they had endured during the Great War, which had officialy ended less than a year before... and what might come in the future

I bet they were wishing and praying that they would never see another war!

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case

World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan...what next?

Seems like we never learn from the past...just keep repeating it.

April 25th and November 11 are days that make me extremely sad.

Lest We Forget


  1. I remember marching when I was in the Brownies.

  2. What a great photo. It is a sad day. It's great that people are fetting into it but I feel none of us really knows how hard it is and was, especially for those horrible early wars where our soldiers weren't as looked after as they are today. Many find it too difficult to talk about and that says a lot to me. Really we should be making a point to collect oral histories from these people before it is too late. A very sad but important day.


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