Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I've been on a bit of a you can tell by my lack of posts on this here bloggy

MONT and I headed to Thailand for a little get away...Phuket to be exact.

It was wonderful! Not long enough as per usual, but well worth it and oh so restful

This is where we stayed...the arrow indicates where are room was

It's Angsana Laguna Resort and I have to say it was AMAZING!
We'd catch that little boat if we wanted to head to the small, local supermarket to pick up a few motored right past our room

The pool winds its way around the resort so you can actually swim from one end of the complex to the other...

We'd walk over these little bridges each day to get to the area just in front of that tower, which is where we met in the bar for Happy Hour each afternoon.

It was a large family holiday...14 of us in all, including all the kids, who loved every minute of it

The resort is right on the beach and as you can see in this photo, there are some buildings on the left, just behind the blue umbrellas...they are small shops and an area where you can get a massage for 400 Baht (about $14)

You can also get a pedicure or manicure from some lovely Thai ladies.

MONT and I were at Angsana last October and thought it was so good, we'd head back there again

I can't recommend this place highly enough

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  1. It looks wonderful! I could do with a relaxing holiday, though I am not sure I know how to relax! X


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