Monday, September 23, 2013


Spring certainly was in the air today

The sun was shining and the bees were buzzing..

The Wisteria's bursting

...and the Banksia Rose is blooming.

Everything is lush and green and the air smells heavenly.

What more could you want?


  1. The wisteria looks gorgeous against the white weatherboards - so pretty!

  2. Just gorgeous! Wish I had wisteria growing! My banksia rose isn't out yet.
    Do you happen to remember the name of your exterior paint colour? I love white weatherboard cottages.

    1. Hi Kate...the colour of the house is just plain white, straight out of the can. It's Bristol Weathertough exterior gloss. Nothing fancy at all. We were thinking of putting a drop of black in there to take the "starkness" away, but decided to just go with it as-is.
      I've always had great service from Bristol staff and great coverage from the paint. Everyone has their preferences I guess and mine is Bristol...although we've been told by someone at the store that Taubmans paint is exactly the same, but is just labelled differently.

  3. How pretty that just looks gorgeous. Next spring we'll build a pergola & plant some wisteria& hopefully it will look just as stunning!
    Melissah from Coastal Style

    1. You should see the wisteria now Mellisah! It's gone absolutely crazy what with all the rain and the warmer weather...looks amazing.


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