Monday, January 13, 2014

It's a wrap

I was shocked (and annoyed) a few weeks back to discover that my vinyl wrapped kitchen doors have started to "lift".

I know it hasn't been caused by heat because a couple of doors are nowhere near the oven or dishwasher... so it's probably just a case of inferior glue being used when constructing the doors....or maybe the glue has a limited life and this is what happens to most vinyl wrapped doors.. I don't know

Admittedly they're over ten years old but the darn glue should hold the vinyl to the door base a bit longer than that, surely.

Whatever...I'm not happy.

So it's got me thinking about a little kitchen re-vamp because I don't want vinyl wrapped doors again and I need more bench space!

At the moment I have very little bench space and it's getting annoying and very crowded.

When I first purchased Number 10 and started renovating I was doing it just for me...and I was really happy with it. Then MONT came along and things changed a bit and got a bit squeezy.

Then his girls all got married and have since had little ones and when they're all over here for dinner, like at Christmas, and there are 16 of us for dinner...well  "squeezy" doesn't even start to describe it adequately...

Not to mention that the main bit of bench I do have to work at is right over the it can get pretty warm there. Not nice

So...what to do?

MONT's talking about a big re-vamp. He's thinking high gloss doors and a glass splash back with some sort of stone bench top, which is all well and good, but the problem is bench space and how to create more of it?

One option we've talked about is moving the sink over to the bench on the left, where my "old girl" is perched...then knocking out the raised wall area above the dishwasher (and existing sink space) to make it sort of like a breakfast bar into the dining room, which would give us a wider bench area.

That means this little bench on the left (where my cat is) and my smallish pantry would have to go to make way for a wider bench to take the depth of the sink....and that leads to another problem.

This area fills in a little void created by a built in robe in the second bedroom.. so I'd be left with the bench and cupboards underneath it, sticking out

You can see the area on the right in the photo above

So what to do? Have some open shelving to take up the extra 23cm  (9 inches) that would be created with the wider bench? But then, what to do with the floor to ceiling cupboards that surround the fridge?

Move the sink somewhere else? But where?  This is all the bench space I have.

At one stage I considered trying to close in that area where the fridge is and making it a walk in pantry, but it's just not big enough, so that's out.

I need fresh eyes on we're getting a couple of kitchen guys that MONT knows to come in and, hopefully,  give us some new ideas.

I've been trawling through magazines and Pinterest looking at kitchen designs...but unfortunately, if you don't have a large space with a nice big open floor plan, then all you get is kitchen envy and I don't want to have to start knocking down walls into the study for instance (which is behind the cook top area) to get more floor and bench space space in the kitchen

Old houses huh? They're always a challenge!


  1. I would expect vinyl wrap doors to last longer than that too, that's really disappointing. With your kitchen layout, you've already kinda got that triangle layout with your appliances that is always good for kitchens. I have no idea if this is technically possible, but could you move the oven over to underneath the cooktop, move it all a smige to the right and then have a cupboard where the oven currently is? What about removing one of the cupboards currently to the side of the fridge, moving the fridge over next to the wall and then having a small benchtop and cupboard where you could put your Kitchenaid - that would then free up the space where your cat is? If you move your sink it won't be as handy to the dishwasher and ideally you want them close to each other. I like your idea of knocking down the raised wall behind the sink, that would open the area up nicely. Good luck, look forward to seeing what those fresh eyes come up with!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Natalie...some good ones that I'll put in my "ideas" book to suggest to the kitchen guys when they get here.
      The trouble with this funny shaped kitchen that is more like a corridor than a room, is that I have heaps of storage space, but no bench space. I don't know if the oven can be moved...that cupboard used to have a chimney behind it, so I'm not sure if there's enough room in there...another question for the kitchen guys I guess.

  2. Oh such a shame about your doors, love the way they are. It's so hard when it comes to a kitchen . I left it nearly 3 years in my cottage before I committed to a fitted one as I wanted to get to know the space and how I worked in it first. As it turned out I still want to change it now :O) But that's me ... I just can't commit, I love moving my rooms around regularly. I'm sure it will all fall into place for you in the next few weeks and you will end up with an even more fabulous kitchen. Looking forward to watching the transformation. Take care Michelle at michellemadethis.blogspot

    1. The doors are a real disappointment Michelle...such a waste, but I guess I just have to look at it as a fresh opportunity to make the space better. Fingers crossed.
      I remember when you were doing your kitchen and painting the new's lovely, but I know what you mean about wanting to change and "tweak" things again.

  3. Hi! I know, I'm such a slack blogger. Such a pity about your cupboards. I think they should have lasted longer. Removing the mini divider wall sounds good but I'd definitely be keen to see what the kitchen design guys say.
    Now, I see you have a new smart phone? I want you to download Instagram and join all of us slack bloggers over there. It's a lot of fun. I really hope you do x

    1. Hi Sarah, so glad to hear from you. I've missed catching up on Molly and all her goings on. Hope she and everyone at home is doing well.
      My cupboards are a real annoyed and yes they should last longer than that. Unfortunately they can't be fixed, that's just the way it is, darn it
      I'm looking forward to hearing what the kitchen guys come up with. I've already spoken to our plumber and he tells me moving the sink and dishwasher won't be a problem...and knocking that little wall down between the kitchen and dining room is also pretty's just the rest of the room that we need to work on.
      Instagram huh?
      I might just pop on over


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