Monday, June 9, 2014


While the kitchen renovation is in "wait" mode - waiting for the final design to come back to us, we had some things that needed doing before anything could be done in the kitchen...that is, remove the old built-in robe in the spare room and get new ones installed.

That's now happened. YEY!!!!!

Out go the old...

...and in come the new...

They look great and actually hold everything in here.

The old robe was just 450 deep...or about 18 inches, when they really should be around 600 deep (24 inches)

The doors look painted right? Like a two-pack paint process. Wrong. They're actually vinyl wrapped doors in a high gloss, bright white and look a million dollars!

Unfortunately in this room though... the cornice I had installed about 12 years ago (Cameo) was no longer available, so we had to choose a new one that was large enough to cover the gap between the ceiling and the wall, which you can see in the first photograph.

Luckily for Natalie, over at In the Night Sky, she was able to do the demolition of the robe in her spare room and save the cornice to use again. Very. Lucky.

So now, the old robe is gone, the new one is in and the new cornice has also been installed.

It's the same one (Rosella) we used for the master bedroom..Very large and plain and easy to paint

Once the old robe was removed and new plaster wall hung, we were left with a large hole in the floor in the kitchen, so MONT's laid some floorboards and also a temporary trap door so he and the plumber can easily gain access under the house

 This is the same section of wall in the spare room

So...that's where we're at right now... Just waiting on our Kitchen guy to come back with the design to make sure it all fits in with what we want and then it'll be all systems least that's what we're hoping. But as we know in all things like this, there will be some delays and some headaches. You can bet on it.

That's what comes with renovating old houses I guess.


  1. I love your new cornice - now I kinda wish I had to replace our old one with a new design too! Love the new built-in too, looks great!

    1. Thanks Natalie. We really like the new cornice too. It's nice and plain and i wish I'd had it installed right through the house...still, the good thing about it is it's probably the cheapest way to "freshen" up a room, apart from a coat of lovely white paint lol

  2. That built in looks amazing! Good luck with getting the plans back! xx

    1. Hi Ness. we love the new robes...MONT originally thought they'd take up too much floor space, but even he thinks they're pretty neat and it was all worth it.

  3. The built-in looks fabulous... like its always been there... fits in so beautifully xx

  4. Thanks Amanda...they are fabulous! and are already full!


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