Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Australia's 21st Prime Minister Gough Whitlam died today. He was 98

Just another politician you say?

For some maybe, but for me and many others, he was a man who made an enormous difference to this country

He was only Prime Minister for three short years and while those years have been described as chaotic, they also saw a lot of social change take place in this country

He was married to Margaret for almost 70 years...she died a few years back and as Malcolm Turnbull said today, at least now they will no longer be apart

I met him once, way back in the 1990's. he was gracious and funny, while I was nervous and almost speechless.

Thanks for everything Gough...you made a heck of a difference


  1. Yes, very much an end of an era with his passing.

  2. While no fan of his side of politics, I must say that Whitlam was a statesman in the classical sense; debating ancient-Greek style with much humour and no personal invective with the other side, including Sir James Killen, whose eulogy he delivered in 2007. They reached for the highest form of language to achieve their points rather than stooping to personal abuse. Can't see it happening now. (Sorry - got to this one late.)


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