Friday, November 7, 2014

Paint it black

Not a shout out to the Rolling Stones, who are here at the moment...but a little painting project

While the kitchen renovation continues ...yes, it's still not finished... I've been working on a couple of other things, namely painting some bits and pieces around the house,

But I've moved away from the old tried and true "white" and instead have moved to the dark side

The dining room's been painted plain white and I thought I'd do something a little different. Just for a change

So my old pine chest of drawers are now BLACK

They are the same colour as my old pine filing cabinet - Bristol Abyss

You can see the kitchen wall/bulkhead in the background...the plasterer will be here Monday to put up the cornice and finish things off. On Tuesday the skylight will be going in, weather permitting, and fingers crossed the glass splashback will be here within two weeks.
Once that's in we can get the sink and the gas cook top installed. Fingers crossed it happens soon


  1. Your chest of drawers look fantastic black! I've just painted some pine bedside tables black too - like you, have enough white in the house already. Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful new kitchen :)

    1. Thanks Natalie! I love this black-Bristol Abyss. I put a few slurps of it in the undercoat to give me a better coverage and it was like a battleship grey-not pretty at all, but at full strength black it's fabulous!

      Oh my poor kitchen. Yes it'll be lovely once it's finished, but I have to say getting the glass splashback has been the biggest delay we've had.
      More of that later though.
      I'm lovin' your bathroom I must admit. very stylish!

  2. That was my other favourite Stones song!

  3. They had some absolute rippers KH. Strangely, I seem to like them more now, than during their (and my) younger years


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