Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas contrast

Christmas is almost with us and yes, I'm stating the bleeding obvious here.

I've always said I love this time of year, but there have been times when I've realised that what I really love is what this time of year promises...but sometimes doesn't necessarily deliver.'s a great time if you're not stressed, tired or working...tick, tick tick

It hasn't stopped me mucking around with decorations around here in time for the annual family get together when everyone heads to Number 10 on the Saturday before Christmas

For the last couple of years it's been all white and silver around here...

...but this year I've gone down a different path

Black is my choice this year - just for a change

I spray painted the twigs in matte black and put them in a jar with some small rocks, then wrapped the jar in some black hessian. 

The little birds and stars are from Ness at Marley & Lockyer - they are absolutely wonderful

I've got three of these black twiggy trees around the house...

The entrance hallway

...and the dining room

This weekend will be spend gift wrapping all the books and bits and pieces and making sure I haven't forgotten anything


  1. Love the matte black and I also love that you didn't stop at just one set of 'twiggies'!

    1. Yes, I can get a bit carried away at times, but I figure hey, why not. When you're on a good thing etc......

  2. Leslie...well hello and a merry Christmas to you. So great to see that you are still blogging, quite nostalgic to read some of your posts and Kitchen Hand's too. Keep at it girl.....and have a great New Year x

    1. So nice to hear from you White Dove....and yes, still here, although not as often as I would like as work gets in the way quite a lot.

      Take care


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