Friday, February 19, 2010

3 Chooks+2 Dogs = The potential for very smelly shoes

So I bought these today... Cute Huh?

...and not only are they bright and cheery, they were an absolute bargain!!

I toddled into Target on my way back from the Optometrist this afternoon and lo and behold, they were there, calling out to me!

They were reduced to $19.98, with another 20% off.
But when I got to the checkout they scanned at $7.88

Thank you very much Target. They're just what I need when venturing into the yard to lock up "the girls" of a Winter's night...or check the rain gauge.

Happy weekend everyone...hope it's a good one!

I'm off for a spot of (window) shopping and a coffee with my girlfriend "G". Perfection!


  1. Love the "wellies" Lesley, and a coincidence....I was also at the optometrist yesterday ....hope we both look spunky in our new specs!

  2. LOVE those boots Lesley, what a bargain!! Enjoy your weekend:) ~ Tina x

  3. What a bargain!! I'd love to have a pair of wellington boots - especially polka dot ones :)

  4. They are so cute - and what a bargain!!

    Have a lovely weekend Lesley.

  5. Those are not only a bargain but ADORABLE!

  6. Lucky you - such a fabulous bargain.
    Too cute for chook poo!!LOL

  7. Oh, cute! And what a bargain!

  8. Nothing like a pair of red and white polka dot wellies at a bargain price!


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