Monday, February 22, 2010

It's in the Mail

My Mail Exchange gift is on it's way to my "mail exchangee"

I had great pleasure wrapping it in various layers of tissue and some old looking vintage paper yesterday

Then some bubble wrap....

...finished off with some tough as nails brown paper...and some string.
Hope she likes it!


  1. Your recipient is going to be so happy to get her beautiful parcel Lesley!! Hope your weekend was a lovely one. Love the gardenia banner you've added to your blog - wish my gardenias looked so lush and healthy :)

  2. ooh - lucky recipient!

    I have to finish up mine and get it all wrapped and in the mail. :D Isn't it fun!

  3. Oh I love the wrapping paper. I have yet to get my happy mail for my recipient!

  4. Amanda, I'm not sure what we did right with our gardenias...but I know we've had to treat the standard ones at the front of the house with pyrethrum, because all the buds were falling off due to some wormy grub.
    Oh Melissa, this is fun. I didn't realise just how enjoyable it would be choosing and then buying something for someone I've never met before.
    Rose, it's been a'll love every minute of it.

  5. Sounds like you have had fun with your Mail Exchange. Look forward to seeing what was in your parcel and then what you receive

  6. Wow Lesley, what a lucky recipient they are to receive that gorgeous parcel in the post!! Well done:) ~ Tina x

  7. Brown paper packages...tied up with string. Lesley I fear you are an old fashioned gal...after my own heart. Wonder what you'll get!


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