Tuesday, February 23, 2010

T-Shirt dress

I've been doing a bit of sewing these past couple of weeks. Not a lot, just a bit.

I love a bit of bling, but I also like "simple" so thought I'd make a couple of T-shirt dresses in different fabrics for night and day.

I found some sequined fabric in soft gold, not too sparkly, so got a couple of metres to see how I'd go....I'd like it to resemble this Philip Lim sequined dress, although I plan to make it with short sleeves.

I've had this old Butterick pattern since the 1970's, at least I think that's how old it is. I originally made it up in a dark navy blue knit and I wore that dress to death.

The other day I made it in this black knit. I bought this wool jersey ages ago and got it for a real bargain because it had some faults. This is the second dress I've made from the piece of fabric and there's a little bit left to make a floaty sort of top too.

This photograph isn't the best as far as detail goes though...( I really must do some photography classes to hone my skills). Anyway, this was my trial run dress and I plan (hope) to get the gold one up and running over the next week or so. We have a big holiday planned and I'll need some party frocks, so I think it'll look nice in gold... I hope it will anyway.


  1. I'll have one of those....not the sparkly one....I'm too old for that!

  2. Ooh you clever thing Lesley!! The black jersey dress is divine! I can't wait to see how your gold sequined one turns out! Happy sewing ~ Tina x

  3. I have been debating whether to return to sewing or not. The dresses I like are unreal in costs, I am looking for fabric!

    Your dress looks styling and comfortable.

  4. White Dove, nver too old...remember, never say never!

    Tina, thank you, I'm hoping the gold one works out although I'm not sure how the machine and overlocker will cope with the sequins. We'll just have to wait and see.

    Gail: The simpler the pattern the better for me, it's all about the fabric really. There are some really nice ones on Etsy...check them out

  5. Looks like a great style for all ages too.
    Love it

  6. You are so clever Lesley!! I've never sewn clothes for myself as my sewing skills are only basic. I really like the style of the long dress on the Butterick pattern. Can't wait to hear about the big holiday you have planned... x

  7. So jealous your going to Canada! I love the sequined t-shirt idea.

  8. Rose, I just hope it turns out...and I'm wondering how many needles I'll break before I get it all sewn up. lol

    Amanda, sewing is easy, you just have to start on simple things and be prepared for the occasional failure. I have them every now and then. I'm hoping the sequined number isn't one of them though.

    Alison, it is a great style. I've found just about all of my old patterns are still "current" and I don't think you can go wrong with a stretchy T-shirt dress.


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