Friday, September 3, 2010

Number 10 Before and After


"Constructed during the middle of this century (1950's) this compact timber house, although small, has spacious rooms."

That's part of the ad that accompanied the photo for Number 10 when it was up for sale 13 years ago. I found it while going through some old folders and papers the other day.

This is the rather enticing photo published in our local newspaper in December 1997.

Anyway, as you can see, (or not) the front fence was painted roofing iron....and while the garden all looks lush and green, some of those trees just had to go. One was quite dangerous as it was covered in thorns and prickles and another was one of those trees that give you a rash....are they Russ trees?

Anyway, that's the before photo of the front.

Here's what it looks like now.

From the street.

Front fence with hand cut hearts, thanks to MONT.

New front path and garden bed

The driveway while it was being constructed. The whole process has taken quite a while, but I like it that way. It's nice to be able to watch and enjoy the transformation.


  1. Wow what a difference! It looks so pretty now!

  2. Thanks can be quite funny when you come across some old "before" photos. Got me thinking about just how far we've come
    Glad you like it

  3. Wow! You've come a long way. It looks gorgeous - lovely street appeal. xx

  4. What a transformation! Love how it looks now. The hearts finish the fence off beautifully..
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Rebecca x

  5. It looks so good! I just love the hearts cut into the palings - such a sweet touch!

  6. Very lovely. You had the good bones of a fine house and you took it's beauty to the next level.


  7. Oh what a fabulous transformation.
    It is just gorgeous

  8. What a transformation Lesley!!! It looks amazing and I love your gate with its heart cut out detail. Renovating is a long process, but definitely rewarding :)

  9. Lesley, your home is absolutely beautiful! I LOVE the white fence :) Hope you are having a wonderful week so far ~ Tina x

  10. Thanks for all your lovely comments! They really make me feel terrific.

    I'm so glad you all loike the fence. I really love it too....and I love MONT for spending all that time cutting them out and then making sure they were put in the right places along the fence
    Now onto the bedroom and rear entry of the house. Can't wait to show you those once we get started.


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