Monday, September 27, 2010

Pretty new addition...

Sorry I've been absent of late, but I've been sick with the flu or a virus or a bug of some sort that just won't leave. It's been so persistent, it's stuck around to play havoc with MONT as well.

He is not happy about it either, I can tell you!

Anyway, here's a photo of my latest purchase.

A cute little ginger jar that I found during my search around eBay...where else?
I love the colours...they're a little different than the usual blue and white on offer and although I love them too, this really caught my eye.

OK, well, I'm back to lounge in front of the heater with a nice hot cuppa and try to get some of my energy back...if only I could shake this darn cough!


  1. Cute jar! Hope you are feeling much better soon x

  2. What a cute little buy. I hope you all feel better very soon :)

  3. I love the ginger jar - the yellow is gorgeous. Enjoy the relaxing and hope you are well soon.
    Rebecca x

  4. Hi Melbourne Girl....sorry to hear you haven't been well. So many of my family and friends in Melbourne have also had a hard time this winter with things that keep returning, like headaches, coughs, razor throats, dizziness etc. Surely the weather must be to blame as I believe the weather is still cold down there and snow still around. Unbelieveable really. Hope you are soon well and back to your old self again xx

  5. It's beautiful. Get well soon. x

  6. Well Lesley....hope you were well enough to prop yourself up one one elbow to watch THE MATCH ! It was a great game, (probably because we are Collingwood supporters)....but I felt the love...of the game, the supporters, the day, the defeated team, the coaches, and especially the weather. Oh to be in Melbourne now that winter has gone???? xx Take care, get well soon

  7. Hi Lesley. I hope you are feeling better!!! I love your ginger jar. Stay warm and take care. Sending you lots of love ~ Tina xx


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