Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pared down Christmas

I've decided to do away with our usual Christmas tree this year... and instead, go with something a little more...natural.

I found this on the side of the road while driving home from work the other day and jammed it into the back of the car.

MONT and I also had a little drive up to the block in Kinglake to hunt out some dried branches (as well as plant a tree up there) to add to the twiggy Christmas. They've been sprayed white and will do just nicely to hang our decorations on.

Also...I've decided I'm not buying anything new at all as far as decorations go this year and am making do with what I have...which won't be difficult seeing I have enough tinsel and lights to deck out a small city.

So's what it all looks like after a quick squirt of paint

It was good being able to use up a couple of half full cans of spray paint.

and here it is all decorated.

The branches are standing in a long spaghetti jar that's been weighed down in the bottom with a $2 bag of grey stones from the Reject Shop.

It's a little stark, but I quite like it


  1. I love the white and silver decorations - your 'natural' tree is really beautiful x

  2. It's a beautiful tree and quite elegant the way you've decorated it. :)

  3. Very chic!
    Have seen a few like this and actually I think it suits our warmer climate with the rather cool and elegant look!


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