Thursday, December 9, 2010

We're in!!

We moved into our new bedroom this week...and boy am I glad ! !

The room isn't quite "finished" yet though. There's still some tweaking to do. I  have to hang the photos/pictures on the walls and bring the mats in and Bill has to deliver the wardrobe doors, which are at the painters....but apart from that it's just about done.

The next painting project is the front hallway...but that can wait till after Christmas...much too much to do at the moment to be thinking about painting.

I'm finishing off the old coffee table with some tung oil, have to put the timber top and final coat of paint on that old chest of drawers and start decorating the "tree". We're not having the traditional tree this year, it's going to be a twiggy affair...more on that later.'s back to work for me


  1. Look how gorgeous your floor boards have turned out. It must be nice to have your room back! xx

  2. Brismod, it's wonderful! I really love being back in there.

  3. Ditto.... love the floors....... looking forward to seeing your tree. :)

  4. Thanks Elecat. I love the floors too. They're all shades of honey and treacle and look terrific...

  5. Looking great! I agree with the others, the floors have come up a treat!
    ps I just noticed your 'tribe' in your sidebar, I love your descriptions of them :)

  6. You should be very proud, this is beautiful. Good job. And...your new bedroom is so peaceful looking and...well beautiful except I've already said that.

  7. Sarah, the descriptions of my "tribe" could not be more accurate...they are shockers!
    Thanks Teresa, I love our new room and can't wait to hang the photos and get it a little more personal.


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