Monday, December 6, 2010

Coffee Table - Before & After

Remember that old coffee table base I found lying on the side of the road recently?

Not very attractive huh?

Well, here she is now.

I scrubbed and hosed her down in the garden, tightened up all the screws to make her a little more stable.... then gave her a good sand and 2 coats of undercoat, before a top coat of white satin.

I bought a ready made timber top for her and MONT used his router to give it a nice edge

I'm liking it....not too "shabby chic" distressed...just about right for Number 10 I think. So, there you have it.



I still have to coat the top. I was thinking of white washing it, but MONT likes it I'll give it a couple of coats of tung oil and that should do it. It's going to look very nice sitting on the back deck.

PS. Yes, that is our new bedroom and no, we're not in it yet. But that's all about to change tonight. We finished the skirting boards and architraves yesterday afternoon and we start moving furniture in there as soon as MONT gets home. YIPPEEEE!

Good bye lounge room, hello bedroom!


  1. It looks great!!Not bad for a side of the road find. xx

  2. The table looks fabulous! I can't believe someone threw it out...thank goodness for your fabulous vision!! Love it :) ~ Tina xx

  3. I remember - big change! Looks brand new, well done! How exciting moving back into your bedroom. :)

  4. Wow, it looks amazing! What a great transformation.


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