Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project Finito

I've linked up with Sarah's Good Life Wednesday over at Beach Cottage, why not come on over and have a look see.

You can find it here

Happy Tuesday everyone. I was having some big problemos yesterday downloading photos, so here is the result of my very productive weekend.

While MONT was at Bonnie Doon, I thought I'd get stuck into my little drawer/cabinet unit

It now looks like this

After starting out like this.

This is how it looked "during" the refurbishment

I've trialled two sorts of knobs. I got some lovely glass knobs from Schots Emporium in Clifton Hill

...and some of my tried and tested standard fare from IKEA

I mixed up some paint to get the colour I wanted. It's sort of half strength Antique White USA. I had some full strength that I toned down.

I put this little unit in the front hallway just to see how it looks, but I think it's the wrong size for that spot, so I'm thinking the dining room will be it's new home.

What do you think?

...and which little knobs look best? I think the glass ones would look better in a bedroom, but that's just me.

I'll take some better photos when I get an honest to goodness camera again


  1. Great job!

    I like the glass where ever it goes.

  2. Wow what a fab makeover. I can't decide on the knobs. I like both. Okay that was unhelpful sorry.

  3. Looks amazing - I love the glass knobs.

  4. I am loving the glass knobs too. I love that they sparkle when the sun shines on them, always makes me smile

  5. I'm for the glass knobs Leslie....good job...well done!


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