Friday, March 18, 2011

Ryobi workout

I've been doing a bit of bargain hunting...on eBay....and I've found a couple of beauties that I plan to refurbish for Number 10.

This little cupboard really took my fancy because it 's a little like the other yellow chest of drawers  I found on the nature strip last year. You can see them here. This cupboard had been stencilled with a gold paint and had old fashioned china knobs that had also been detailed with gold craft paint.

 ...and on the sides, they'd placed sheets of wrapping paper for detail, then covered the edges with gold edged gift ribbon.

Well...the knobs have been removed and cleaned, ready for another project.

The two drawers have been sanded

The body of the cupboard has also been given the once over.

...And the ribbon and some of the paper's been removed so I can sand it all back and give it the "Number 10 treatment"

I'm not sure what was used to stick the paper down and then seal it, but when I tried to remove it by scraping, then wetting it, it went all gooey and sticky...maybe PVC glue? Not sure, but I plan to get some paint stripper to get all of it off so I can get it all nice and smooth and paint it....white or off white of course.

I also purchased another chest of old drawers. They can wait for another day though.


  1. Hi Lesley...great to see you back on the tools. Should come up well under your skilled hands.Hope Teresa sees your bargains too. She loves a makeover!

  2. Thamks White Dove. It's good to be doing something productive again.

  3. Love a before and after!!! Cant wait to see the finished and loved piece. Loved catching up on your recent posts.
    Rebecca x

  4. a fab find and what a lovely end result well done :) love the wrapping paper touch.


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