Monday, September 12, 2011

Full time vs Part time

For the past couple of years I've been working part time and I've loved it.

I went down to three days a week after becoming just too tired and irritable. I work funny hours and thought the extra couple of days off would help. Boy, did they help! Just ask MONT. I got to sleep in, shop and potter about at my leisure...and I was a much nicer and happier person.

But from this week I'm back full-time again and possibly back to being irritable all over again

The girl who worked the other two days for me is also heading back to full-time employment and that left two days to fill, so I stepped into the breach. Again. My employer and I will reassess things again in the New Year to see how I'm "travelling".

What it also means though is that I need a couple of new things to wear to work because I've been relying on jeans and t-shirts and polar fleece tops through Winter. I need a few things to see me through the cool mornings until our heating/air-con kicks in at work...and now that Spring is here, I thought it was a good opportunity to get the over-locker and sewing machine out to give them a workout.

This doesn't help though.

I feel some new, colourful t-shirts and long tunic tops coming on.....

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  1. That's cute. Dogs seem to be drawn to thongs layer out on the floor.
    Bummer about work. I work part time. Three days a week plus every second weekend and then any extra days that I might be needed. I'm poor but I do like the hours :)


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