Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 retail challenge

This isn't a challenge to see how much you can

It's a challenge to see what you can get by without. What you can achieve by using things at home rather than heading to the store to buy something know, reduce, recycle, re-use.

Tina from here suggested the Dottie Challenge the other day after I posted on a new wool coat I'd bought myself from the local op-shop.  The Dottie Challenge was first thought of by Tif at Dottie Angel in I say, what's good for 2009 is just as relevant for 2011!

I mean many more shoes, dresses, bags, homewares and gadgets does a person really need? I have enough "stuff" to last me a lifetime, and much of it sits in the cupboard.

So, this year I plan to "shop the closet" and the cupboards at Number 10 and check out what the local op-shops have if I need anything.

With a bit of luck it'll mean the bank balance grows a little, my cupboards will (eventually) empty a little and I'll be a little less reliant on retail therapy to get me through the days/weeks/months.

There is something I draw the line at though: second hand socks and undies! Used intimate apparel is a no-no as far as I'm concerned and, if a major appliance, like the fridge or washing machine goes kaput, they WILL be replaced! But that's about it.

It's not going to be easy for me, especially seeing I have access to so many discount stores and outlets, but hey, they'll still be around in 2012. I'd be interested to hear any ideas you have to help get through a retail challenge year....all suggestion gratefully accepted.


  1. I think this is a great goal! My daughter and I have been talking about this very thing, buying when we don't need it. My house is mostly made up of flea market, thrift store and garage sale furniture. When I need something new (furniture), I try very hard to find secondhand before I buy new.

    I believe in repurposing, recycling, or sharing with others.

    Great goal!!!

  2. A few years back, when we were planning and paying for, our wedding and I was still at Uni, I did something similar. Whilst I still brought some things through the year, I waiting for the major sales to get what I needed. And if there was something I really wanted but it wasn't on sale, or it wasn't essential, I wrote it down and when my parents asked what I wanted as a gift for my birthday/christmas I had suggestions ready. Worked a treat!

  3. I'm into this in a big way but I think that's mostly because I don't really like shopping. But I do love op shops and ebay. It's a great challenge to set yourself for the year. xx

  4. I could try but I don't think I would last the distance, sorry. I love to shop! ;-)

  5. Thanks for all of your comments girls....

    Teresa, when I look around our place, it's also filled with mostly second hand furniture...there are some new bits, but mostly it's hand me downs or footpath and second hand finds.

    April, great idea. I'll keep that tip in mind

    Brismod, I love op shops too, and ebay. Nothing better than checking out what's available that someone's discarded

    Jenny, I too have been an avid shopper. I love to look around to get new ideas, but I'm not going to stop my expeditions to the shops, I'm just going to stop opening my wallet for stuff that, when I get it home, realise I already have three of the same things, but bought it because it was on sale.

    This year is going to be intersting I think

  6. Oh this is such a good idea but why did you have to mention it when I really want to buy a new sofa!!

  7. LOVE it, Lesley :) I started on 1st Jan. So far so good ;) Looking forward to the challenge with you ~ Tina xx

  8. Tina, I started on Jan uary 1 as well...and am going to keep a weekly/monthly tally of my expenditure, just to see how I'm going.


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