Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Devils Dust

This week is NATIONAL ASBESTOS AWARENESS WEEK... and for all of us renovators and DIY'ers...it's a timely reminder to make sure we take care when we come across this deadly stuff.

In fact taking care basically means NOT TOUCHING IT!

Last week I got an email reminding me about Asbestos Awareness Week...so thought I'd pass on the details...seeing many of us are renovating old places

You can check out the website here . It has some great advice....

Most homes built before 1987 had asbestos in them...Don't think yours does? Well all you have to do is look under your eaves and more often than not, that dimpled stuff up there is asbestos sheeting

I know the eaves at Number 10 are asbestos and we haven't touched them. No sir-ee

Don't drill it. Don't sand blast it. Don't sand it. Don't cut it.

That's what these guys are for.

All renovators should check out asbestosawareness.com.au 

It pays to be safe. Your life may depend on it


  1. Yep, I checked it out and did a post about it too. The stats about home renovators being diagnosed with asbestos related diseases was eye-opening for us. Scary. Good post. xx

    1. Thanks Brismod...just checked out yours too!
      This stuff is a bloody nightmare!

  2. I've always been scared of this. Can you imagine we had no idea how bad it was back in the day. I'm sure there were many people that did but nobody would listen to them.


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